Warranty / Refund

No cash refunds, unless agreed upon. Instruments are subject to return/refund. All Claims must be done within 5 business days (email, phone, facebook) Items need to be returned in original packaging, if not returned in original package we have the right to discount up to 50% of the value. Restocking Fee of 20% is applicable on items returned after 24 Hours (max 5 business days) if the returned item is not defective and no vallid reason has been given for the return.

3 Month Warranty on all of our items, factory warranty applies, however after 3 months the procedure and process can take longer as we will have to claim the brand, until this is approved your claim cannot be finalized. 

Returns need to have a valid reason, if no valid reason has been provided we have the right to reject your claim. Client must be fully aware of the product they are purchasing and cannot